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New tag line

Just came up with a new tag line for myself, to be added to the bottom of my trademark soda, dolls & video games: “Sierra Rein – providing the public with quality 11 O’Clock Numbers since 1988.”1988 being the year I sang “Brother Can You Spare a Dime?” for a school play and decided I wanted to bring my love of singing into the rest of my life. Whaddya think?

1930’s Idol – A Night to Remember

I woke up this morning with the biggest, curliest head of hair in my life. I had clunked into bed at 2am with my curls still bouncing from the 1930’s hairstyle I put together for the 1930’s Idol night. Couldn’t run a comb through it, but it looks fantastic. The night at the Broadway Baby Bistro club was great – lots of fabulous singers, great humor, some butterflies, wonderful costumes and just an overall positive appreciation and celebration of Dorothy Parker and her era of music. I heard old standards which rang familiar to me, but was also introduced toContinue reading1930’s Idol – A Night to Remember

Musical Weekend spilleth over into Monday

Continuation…and please understand that I’m as enthusiastic about plugging my talented peers in the business as much as I am writing about my own exploits! Monday, Monday…was filled with music towards the end of it. During the day, I shook off the concept of doing any temp work (hadn’t gotten a call) and puttered around the apartment for a bit. Hung my handmade jewelry rack on the wall, so I was finally able to hang and display my earrings and necklaces for easy reach. A girl’s got priorities! We still have so many more things to hang, and I stillContinue readingMusical Weekend spilleth over into Monday

Fleas Are Addictive…

Continuation… Saturday afternoon, I met up with a friend of a friend, musical theater composer/writer Mark Garcia. Mark had moved from New York a number of years ago from Los Angeles, and had seen the show “bare” nine times while I was in it at the Hudson Theater (including one of the times I went on as Nadia). We both have Bally Total Fitness memberships, love cats, and are musical theater geeks, so I thought that inviting him to meet up was a no-brainer. We met and ate really good Thai peanut jicama/veggie salads, talked about our projects (his musicalsContinue readingFleas Are Addictive…

There’s music everywhere…in New York!

It’s Tuesday, and I have to blog about a weekend (plus) of music and discovery. I’ll try to be quick, or I might (probably) break it into a few blog posts. I fear in the future it will be literally impossible to blog on every musical adventure I have in this city – the place is literally crowded and packed with countless theaters, cabarets, music halls and other venues to see music. Thursday, the 19th, I finished work for the day and took the train/walked through the pouring rain to the famous Algonquin Hotel on West 44th St. Each Thursday,Continue readingThere’s music everywhere…in New York!

Old Movie Reviews & Recommendations

Just thought I’d post a link to an ooooold blogspot page which I wrote between Feb, 2003 and Jan, 2004 on the subject of theatrical releases I saw. I laugh at the hyperbole and vitriolic language I use on the less-than-good movies I saw. Enjoy! and here’s another blog I did on things I recommended at the time (movies, theater, etc):

Rush Limbaugh’s Billboard — Needs Work

In Times Square, right above Toys ‘R Us, is a huge, faded, beat up billboard for Rush Limbaugh’s television show. I found its appearance to the public quite fitting. Plus, I’m very much relieved that his face wasn’t blown up and plastered for all of the tourists to see – that might have turned them off to spend their money elsewhere. Would have certainly scared the kiddies away…

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