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“What’s the Point?” by Hector Coris – A New Musical Revue

Lyrics by Hector Coris, Music by Alan Cancelino Starring Hector Coris, Patrick Garrigan & Eadie Scott Musical Direction by Alan Cancelino Choreography by Susan Haefner Directed by Collette Black “What’s the Point” is a musical revue by Hector Coris and Alan Cancelino, an almost comedic character-driven musical in the realm of “Songs for a New World”…only extremely funny. A three-person show (two men, one woman) and piano, it utilizes a blank stage, simple props/costumes & furniture pieces, and a little bit of mime to establish time, place and character for each number. Solos, duets, trios – all utilized throughout theContinue reading“What’s the Point?” by Hector Coris – A New Musical Revue

Climate Change Exhibit at the American Museum of Nat’l History

This exhibition, “Climate Change: The Threat to Life and A New Energy Future” closes August 16, 2009 and is probably one of the most well-organized, succinct, and understandable breakdown of most of the issues surrounding the science and moralities of the climate change discussion. Pete & I had been invited as bloggers to view the exhibit in a special pre-show, with dinner and an after-hours viewing. Pete did his blogging duty and wrote about the exhibit immediately…This was actually post dated to the correct date two months later…oops! The Introductory area was instantly interesting: it charted the known rise ofContinue readingClimate Change Exhibit at the American Museum of Nat’l History

Anti Prop (H)8 Rally November 15, 2008

The City Hall area was filled for a little more than 2 hours as thousands of people congregated to speak up against Proposition 8 and all of its cousins. It started around 1:30 and ended around 3:15, was very peaceful but energetic, and there were a lot of powerful speakers there. The rally was one of several going on around the nation, including San Francisco and Los Angeles. What is interesting is that I knew about the rally from a friend on Facebook – in fact, the entire event was planned, promoted and organized online. The number of creative signageContinue readingAnti Prop (H)8 Rally November 15, 2008

2008 Election Day in New York!

It was wild. Exciting, exhausting and stunning. I walked over to Times Square from work, met with Pete, and then hung out for a bit to take pictures and watch the political circus. The JumboTron MTV screen started playing The Daily Show/Colbert Report Indecision 2008 special election coverage, but we quickly lost interest as there was no sound – it’s not as funny or understandable with closed captioning. Times Square was set up for the event, with all of the huge screens broadcasting news networks, from NBC, ABC, CNN & FOX. Each time a new series of states came inContinue reading2008 Election Day in New York!

Raissa Katona Bennett & Terese Genecco @ The Metropolitan Room

The second half of Saturday, Nov 1st was spent in Cabaret Heaven. I went to two shows that highlight the extremes of the craft’s spectrum. 180 degrees away from each other, these two shows (and these two ladies) exemplified the different personal energies that a cabaret show can encompass. One was beautifully meditative and emotional; the other was explosive and emotional. Either way, I was struck tonight at how the same stage (The Metropolitan Room) can be transformed from an intimate exploration of one’s personal transformative state to a high-rolling, bongo-playing set on fire. I was a cabaret student yesterday,Continue readingRaissa Katona Bennett & Terese Genecco @ The Metropolitan Room

First Halloween in New York

First Halloween in New York – after much hemming and hawing, I came up with a Living Dead Doll costume completely made from pieces in my costume box and made my face up. Pete opted for a mask made with his baby-faced website logo. We then traveled down to the Chelsea-based New York Halloween Parade. I was used to the Santa Monica Blvd/West Hollywood parade of Los Angeles. However, this was probably more awesome, as New York’s is an actual “Parade” of costumed people walking down the street, separated from onlookers with cameras behind police barricades. Walking in the NYContinue readingFirst Halloween in New York

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