"I don't sing because I'm happy. I'm happy because I sing." - William James

My mom emailed me after I wrote an entry about finding a lot of talent under the streets of New York, within the subway system’s many train stations. She noted that the MSG Network was hosting a talent competition, trying to find the city’s most talented Subway musicians. As they put it on their website: “Five Boroughs, 16 Musicians, One Superstar. We’re looking for the best sounds from the underground — and you will be the judge. Join the search for New York City’s greatest subway musicians, Sundays at 8PM on MSG and MSG.com.” Round 1 starts August 10th Sundays at 8PM on MSG. Or you can watch ’em online. I will check it out – thanks, Mom!!!

Most of our anniversary was spent apart, it being a work day. Pete was able to record this 12seconds.tv clip, unfortunately I couldn’t hear the audio at work, but I got the loving point. We met at The Hummus Place a little after 7:00 (Pete found me reading a printout of the second draft of “PSW,” his space adventure novel). I had gone to the Jack’s 99cent store and bought a small vase and bag of marbles, then got a $2 rose…placed them on the table for him to see when he arrived. We had hummus and pita bread, and I introduced him to falafel (although I couldn’t really tell him what was in it, only that it was good). After dinner, we walked up and down Amsterdam Ave, then over to Barnes and Noble, which was open until midnight. Went up and down the aisles, looking at sooooo many books as yet unread. Lots and lots of books to read. Lots of money to be spent. Laughed outright at the Stephen Colbert Barnes & Noble tote bag, replete with the familiarly-rendered sketch of his smiling face. I want one.

Then we took the 1 train home. I hadn’t been through the 191st street tunnel in a while, but Pete informed me that the mural that was going to beautify the entrance had already been started. And indeed, it was. It’s going to be beautiful, bright colors and humor and New York themes. I literally laughed out loud reading what was written on the “train track” : “Hum along to the song we all know…Stand clear of the closing doors please.” I truly hope the mural is respected and not covered over by any tagging or graffiti. It would be horrible to see a piece of communal art destroyed or at least damaged by ignorant people. Enjoy these shots of the mural in the beginning phase of creation: