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To my musical confidant and trench-buddy Bill Zeffiro
To my Director/”Coach” James Beaman and all his confidence in me
To my “Running Men” on bass and drums: Matt Scharfglass and Rex Benincasa – you literally rock
To my husband Pete for the hugs and calming words
To my IndieGoGo donators, who gave me the lift to get this show on its feet
To my publicist Stephen Hanks for not yet retiring
To my copyist Brian Allan Hobbs for all the charts
To my first home, Kenny Bell and Abby Judd at The Laurie Beechman Theatre
To my second home, Tanya Moberly and Sidney Myer and Erik at Don’t Tell Mama
To the composers and lyricists of my songs, particularly Bill Zeffiro, Jeff Blumenkrantz, Zina Goldrich & Marcy Heisler, Michael Biello & Dan Martin who supported me from afar and in person!
To my friend Steward Noack of The House of Indulgence for the amazing (and leaping!) photo shoot
To my woman with the treadmill, Dana Aber, who allowed me to run on it in a dress
To my friends Mark Janas and Tanya Moberly for providing the safe musical sandbox that is The Salon Open Mic
To my old boss, Mickey: See you real soon!
To the Bistro Award committee and particularly to Roy Sander for that conversation over coffee so many years ago
To my family and friends who’d support or come see my shows no matter what I did

…and to everyone who asked “when are you doing your OWN show?” and provided much encouragement, kind words, and lovely advice over the years