BOOKED: staged reading of “Runway 69”

June 9, 2006
Sierra has booked the role of Candy, a stripper, in the upcoming staged reading of “Runway 69,” the musical based on the screenplay by Amber Dawn Lee. Music by Erin Kamler.

AUDIO UPDATE: “Great Expectations”

June 2, 2006
AUDIO UPDATE: “Great Expectations” – please go here or see below to listen to “My Wedding Day,” in which Sierra sings the youthful version of Miss Havisham in “Great Expectations,” a new musical written by Richard Winzeler and Steve Lane.

BOOKED: “Urinetown” at the Matrix Theater

June, 2006
Sierra has booked “Urinetown” at the Matrix Theater in Los Angeles. Playing Soupy Sue for three nights and swinging 5 other roles. Directed by Calvin Remsberg. Running 8 weeks starting previews on September 14th. AWARD UPDATE: Winner LA Weekly Awards “Ensemble Cast of a Musical.” More information: