Audition to Come

So, I’ve finally pressed myself against a wall and told myself “It’s been 2 months since you left Los Angeles, and a month since you moved into your apartment. You get in that ring and give it all you got, go get ’em Tiger!” Meaning, I have put my name on an Equity Chorus Call to audition tomorrow. It’s for “Les Miserables,” which is a nice and traditional show, my voice fits the legit style so it’s not a huge stretch. Unfortunately, I’m #191 on the list, so my day will no doubt be spent in line, waiting.

This week, I worried about what might come out of my mouth tomorrow, vocally. I haven’t been to a voice teacher in 2 months. I vow this day forward to vocalize each day and resume the study of my craft. I had a mini-vacation from my career as I made the biggest career move to date. Now it’s time to get my engine restarted here in New York.