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A Double-Hitter at the Duplex

Monday night, Sept 29, I gave myself the musical gift of seeing two cabaret events at the Duplex Theater on Christopher Street. The first was another monthly night of Scott Alan’s Monday Nights New Voices, featuring the Guest Composer Adam Gwon. The second was the New York Theater Barn’s monthly fundraising cabaret, which featured the two-woman musical group Band Practice and the songs of composer Daniel Maté. MONDAY NIGHTS NEW VOICES I’ll tackle MNNV first. For those who don’t know this monthly event, or who haven’t read my blog post about last month’s event (shame on you), Monday Night’s NewContinue readingA Double-Hitter at the Duplex

The New Concerts at Tudor City Greens

On Wednesday, September 24th, my husband and I braved through the UN crowds and Police barricades to to go the latest installment of the New Concerts at Tudor City Greens. It’s a lovely public park spot on the East side, within walking distance from Grand Central Station and the UN plaza itself (it’s called Tudor City Place). Raissa Katona Bennett hosted the evening of top-caliber Broadway and Cabaret singers, under the music direction and piano stylings of David Caldwell. It was sponsored by Cibo, on 41st street @ 2nd avenue, where we had after show drinks and appetizers. VocalEase lendedContinue readingThe New Concerts at Tudor City Greens

Vocal Ease: Songs from the Heart – a great cause!

I’m reading a book right now about the functions of the brain (will blog about it soon) and it reiterates the healing properties of music to the human psyche/soul/synapses, however you wish to put it. While at the New Concerts at Tudor City Greens last Wednesday, I picked up a flier for a volunteer performing company called “VocalEase.” It seems they are a singing organization for hospitals, nursing homes, and senior centers. Music, but especially live music, has been known to improve morale amongst those who are sick, elderly, depressed, and otherwise experiencing physical and mental pain. Just to haveContinue readingVocal Ease: Songs from the Heart – a great cause!

People I Will Mourn in the Future

Not to be too morose, but in learning of Paul Newman’s passing this past weekend (his greatness transcended generational lines; both my mom and myself appreciated his work, although my mom probably swooned over his baby blue eyes more in her youth), I began to think about those people in today’s headlines who I will miss once they are gone. Whether this is tomorrow due to a tragic accident or years and years from now when I’m in my old age — doesn’t matter. These are the people (brainstormed in an hour while watching television) that mattered to me atContinue readingPeople I Will Mourn in the Future

Times Square Becomes Public Screening Room for Renee Fleming & The Metropolitan Opera

The above video was taken by myself in the middle of Times Square last night. After going to the Algonquin Hotel for some good open mic work (I sang “And I Will Follow,” this time dedicating it to husband Pete since he followed me and my dream to New York with uncertain sacrifice on his part), we walked through 42nd and Broadway to see the final act of the Metropolitan Opera’s Gala Opening celebration. Renee Fleming, one of my opera inspirations, was the diva of the night, starring in three different selections: “Act II of Verdi’s La Traviata, and continuesContinue readingTimes Square Becomes Public Screening Room for Renee Fleming & The Metropolitan Opera

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory – New York & Family History

Today, it suddenly dawned on me that I finally had the time here in New York to go to the location where a moment in history (both for the United States and for my personal family) occurred. It’s now called the Brown Building, but in 1911 it was the Asch Building, located at 23-29 Washington Place – cross street Greene Street. There, 146 employees of the Triange Shirtwaist Factory lost their lives in a horrendous fire. Many safety precautions of the building were revealed to be inadequate, and too many lives were lost jumping out of windows unequipped with fireContinue readingTriangle Shirtwaist Factory – New York & Family History

The Phenomenon Called Twitter

Those who scroll down this blog and notice the “Latest Update from Twitter” section and don’t know what the bleep Twitter is, read on. Those who already know what Twitter is, follow me already! Twitter is a social networking tool that utilizes microblogging – statements of opinion, fact, or links that are alloted only 140 characters at a time. Anyone who knows my public username (“siskita”) can read all the posts I make to twitter (done typically via a computer, but some twitter using their mobile phones or smart phones). One can send direct messages to one another which areContinue readingThe Phenomenon Called Twitter

Grace Notes Singer’s Soiree

Thursday, September 18th, I went for the first time to Don’t Tell Mama’s on West 46th Street to see a monthly “soiree” showcase, hosted by Grace Cosgrove. Don Rebic music directed/played piano, Steve Doyle played the upright bass, and Eric Michael Gillett directed. The Singer’s Soiree is produced by Grace to create, as she puts it, “an on-going lab for top-notch singers. It is a place for great singers to perform, try out new material, and expand their audiences. Each show also introduces a newcomer.” I hope to be the next newcomer, or at least be on the waitlist asContinue readingGrace Notes Singer’s Soiree

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