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Friend Grae Drake Visits New York!

We were totally blessed on Monday with a visit from a favorite person of the world of ours…Grae Drake! She’s a fantastic person, movie lover, editor, producer, podcast creator ( and featured on an episode of How To Look Good Naked – and she does) and one can not help but be elevated spiritually, emotionally and a tiny bit physically by her presence. She only had 24 hours in New York itself (taking a break drive to and from friends in Connecticut & Boston), so we had to make the best of it. Her biggest “to do” was going toContinue readingFriend Grae Drake Visits New York!

Catching Up On Some Cabaret

Tudor City Greens Concert…Chilly in the ParkI was extremely happy about my performance at the Tudor City Greens concert last Wednesday (the 22nd). Although it was outdoors at noon in the somewhat chilly wind, we had a great turnout full of enthusiastic audience members who braved the cold, wrapped up like we were. Highlights of the show included Roger Mapes singing his song “Control Queen” on guitar, Sarah Rice performing a lovely ditty about offing her past husbands, and Scott Barbarino and the Bev-Naps singing classic 50’s doo-wop with tight harmonies and a few comedic twists. As the theme ofContinue readingCatching Up On Some Cabaret

RIP Milton Katselas, 1933-2008

I didn’t know Milton personally, but I saw him teach, asked him questions when I could, read his Acting Class and Dreams Into Action books, and saw the change he instilled in others. Thus, I understand Milton Katselas by this research to be an incredibly unique and powerfully wise man. He was not without his controversy (his links to Scientology turned some people off), but I never felt these conflicted with the incredible amount of acting and life-teaching advice he had for us as students. His corporeal presence will certainly be missed by acting, directing, and other creative people aroundContinue readingRIP Milton Katselas, 1933-2008

Show to See: “Putting Things Away” with Raissa Katona Bennett

From Broadway’s Phantom and Chess and 1st National Tours of Cats and Parade Raissa Katona Bennett“Putting Things Away” Director: Eric Michael GillettMusical Director: David Caldwell Saturday, November 1, 2008 @ 5 pmSunday, November 2, 2008 @ 4pm $20 cover/2 drink minimum Reservations: (212) This lady, who hosts the Algonquin Salon open mic many a time as well as the New Concerts at Tudor City Greens, is one of the most talented, beautiful, supportive and encouraging people I’ve met in New York to date. She never hesitates to say “way to go” or “you can do it!” when referring toContinue readingShow to See: “Putting Things Away” with Raissa Katona Bennett

Raphael Jesus Gonzalez visits New York for special reading

One of my oldest friends is Rafael Gonzalez – poet, writer, teacher, spiritual leader. He lives only a few blocks from my mother and taught with her at Laney College in Oakland. He’s one of my oldest family friends, one who has known me all my life. Pete & I had a great time this past weekend, as we were able to see Raphael speak and read some of his poetry (in both Spanish and English). The reading was in celebration of “Doorknobs & Body Paint Fantastic Flash Fiction An Anthology” in association with riverbabble, an online writing magazine. LeilaContinue readingRaphael Jesus Gonzalez visits New York for special reading

Re-Post: Dem Votes Switch to Repub Candidates in W. VA by ThePete 1:50 am 2008-10-21

From : Yep, it’s already happening. Thanks to the honestly brilliant idea of early voting, a handful of West Virginian voters have reported seeing their votes switch from Obama to McCain. It’s happened in two different West VA counties and the elections in that state are run by Republicans. In the last two presidential elections there have been numerous reports and abundant evidence of election irregularities and even downright fraud. Now, an October 18, 2008 article at (here:…0810180251 ), reports that it’s happening again. PLEASE: When you go to vote, whether it’s early or not, please lookContinue readingRe-Post: Dem Votes Switch to Repub Candidates in W. VA by ThePete 1:50 am 2008-10-21

I sing LIVE at the Tudor City Greens Concert!

If you are available, please meet me at the Tudor City Greens, East 41st St b/w 1st and 2nd for a benefit concert at noon. I’ll be singing a song amongst a great group of Broadway-caliber singers. There will be a reception afterward at CIBO Italian restaurant only a few blocks away. I will also be performing in November and December at some cabaret fundraisers and acomposer showcase. Information on these and my other exploits will be found in the future on my blog and more info about my work is at Host: Raissa Katona BennettTime and PlaceDate: Wednesday,Continue readingI sing LIVE at the Tudor City Greens Concert!

Blog Action Day 2008 – Fighting Poverty as an Artist.

“Poverty is the worst form of violence.” – Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) Preeminent leader of Indian nationalism. Today is Blog Action Day 2008 – Poverty is the topic. My husband’s blog of this Action day is here. While America & the rest of the world is thrown into Wall Street Woes, a lot of poorer people who only wished they had the opportunity to mortgage a house is saying “welcome to my world.” Heaven knows I have struggled month to month to pay bills, but at least I still manage to pay them within the month they’re due. And I getContinue readingBlog Action Day 2008 – Fighting Poverty as an Artist.

Walking ‘Round Southern Manhattan

Looking at the above map, you can kind of follow the circuitous route that Pete & I took last night – one of our many “gosh, what’s over here?” kind of walks, this time around southern Manhattan. I had finished work near the Northern tip of Battery Park and Pete met up with me there. (1) I showed him Tom Otterness’ work in person, and then continued walking south. We then went down Vesey Street and walked around, into, and on the Irish Hunger Memorial. (2) It refers to the Irish potato famine of 1845-52. I had seen it earlierContinue readingWalking ‘Round Southern Manhattan

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