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Pictures of the Holiday Season (in NY!)

Pete & I play Russian Ninjas on an open-air Subway platform in Queens. My neighborhood, transformed by snow Playing in the snow, agressively. Waiting for anyone directing a production of “Little Women” to wander by… Awww…old toys are back in style!!! Caroling at the NY Public Library at Bryant Park No you’re not seeing things…I’m in red and singing Soprano! (but just for one night) With Alto Andrea in New Jersey

“Merry Solstice” Night at the Algonquin (Hotel) Salon

Host Mark Janas was cool enough to invite my main caroling group from the Definitely Dickens Holiday Carolers to come co-host with him on the evening of the “Winter Solstice” Algonquin Salon on December 21st, 2008. We videoed (video’d?) the evening of festivities, where a lot of cool original and classic Holiday songs were brought forth. Other songs – from a renaissance lute by Lucy Cross to Johanna Weller-Fahy hitting a high note in “Gorgeous” – were applauded. One of the highlights (for me) of the evening was a geekout moment shared by myself and Nicholas Levin, who transcribed ontoContinue reading“Merry Solstice” Night at the Algonquin (Hotel) Salon

Big Night Out presents “The 2008 Holiday Extravaganza”

Big Night Out’s Holiday Extravaganza is everything the title suggests – you’re out at night for a big night of holiday fun with this crowd. Once again, co-hosts Jennifer Wren and Bill Zeffiro guided singers and songwriters through a fantastic night of holiday musical cheer. Piano accompaniment was by Bill Zeffiro, Mark Janas, Nicholas Levin, Scott Ethier, and Paul Rigano. 16 songs in all were performed, from the amazing belt-ballad “Kiss Me, Santa,” music by Andrew Abrams, lyrics by Joan Ross Sorkin, and sung by Broadway-veteran Kenita R. Miller (a Broadway veteran)…to an absolutley jaw-droppingly funny “Agnostic Christmas Shoes,” writtenContinue readingBig Night Out presents “The 2008 Holiday Extravaganza”

“A Different Day” 12.15.2008 – New York Theatre Barn

“A Different Day” (music and lyrics by Rob Hartmann) from NYTB at the Duplex – Holiday Stuffing!, 12.15.08. Directed by Reed Prescott, Musical Direction by Adam Wiggins. This was a great opportunity to sing at the Duplex with some fellow great singers. The concept was to bring all original holiday-themed music (comedic, dramatic, etc) from up and coming composers. The cast included Becca Yure, Sandy Binion, Ashley Mc Hugh, Michael Mendez, Michael Coco & Matt Leahy. Proceeds benefited the St. Francis Xavier’s “Welcome Table.” Composers featured were: Rob Hartmann, Georgia Stitt, Amanda Yesnowitz, Heidi Heilig, Deborah Brevoort, Michael Cooper, KatyaContinue reading“A Different Day” 12.15.2008 – New York Theatre Barn

Arts and Artists at St. Paul’s presents “Holiday Songbook”

One of the most amazing things I’ve found about New York is the overabundance of free things to do – especially during the Holiday Season. Everyone with talent, or at least a song to sing and share, do so often for the love of it and often for free. This was the case this Sunday afternoon, where the Arts and Artists at St. Paul’s put together a free “Holiday Songbook” for free. The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, Bruno Walter Auditorium, was packed to the gills with some standing room in the back filled as well. ItContinue readingArts and Artists at St. Paul’s presents “Holiday Songbook”

New York Theater Barn Benefit Concert – featuring ME!

An Evening of Songs from New Holiday Musicals Directed by Reed PrescottMusical Director Adam Wiggins Featuring original music fromRob Hartmann, Georgia Stitt, Amanda Yesnowitz, Heidi Heilig, Deborah Breevort, Michael Cooper, Katya Stanislavska, Julianne Wick Davis (Wood at NYMF) and more… With performances byBecca Yure, Sierra Rein, Sandy Binion (Make Me a Song: The Music of William Finn, Jane Eyre), Ashley McHugh, Michael Mendez, Michael Coco and Matt Leahy (MAC nominee) NYTB at the Duplex: New York Theatre Barn’s monthly cabaret series highlighting new composers, lyricists and performers . Monday, December 15, 2008, 9:30pmThe Duplex Cabaret Theater61 Christopher Street @ SeventhContinue readingNew York Theater Barn Benefit Concert – featuring ME!


Here is footage of Pete & I in the midst of our first snowfall as residents of the NY area. It isn’t much, I know, but it felt magical to the two of us. I didn’t know how much snow could look like glitter; maybe it was the right angle with the right man-made lights, but they literally glittered in the light. Or, maybe it was just the magic I saw…

Caroling in New York (&NJ) 2008!

Wow, it’s been a long time since I blogged, and I have a show, a museum event, an art gallery, and my own personal goals to write about in the near future. But first… CAROLING PLUG! I am in the Definitely Dickens Holiday Carolers, an official caroling company based in both Los Angeles and the New York/New Jersey area. Dressed in Victorian-era garb, we can carol at your office party, Holiday/Christmas party, or place of business. Allow us to greet guests at the door with holiday cheer, entertain on stage for a full-blown show, or go table-to-table to serenade withContinue readingCaroling in New York (&NJ) 2008!

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