Tomorrow the magic of Marquee Five begins…!

We had our tech early this afternoon, and man can you say “5 people + 5 mic cords =?!?!?!?” eight times fast? But it was thrilling to be on stage and are very proud with the way we look and sound. We hope you can make it so we can share it with you.

Tomorrow, Dec 7th, 7:00 pm is the first show of our run at the Metropolitan Room — other nights are the 9th (9:45 pm), 12th (5:00 pm) and 14th (7:00 pm)!

Please note that we are extending our $5 off offer to ALL Acting Unions beyond AEA – so SAG/AFTRA/AGVA please come and claim your discount!

Reservations: (212) 206-0440
Venue Website/tickets: or at the door.
More info: