My reactions to the 2010 Tonys

These were my thoughts, literally typed out in the moment on my laptop last night while watching my DVR recording of the telecast, and while sipping some Merlot and folding my laundry. Far be it for me to call myself an expert on any of this, but I’m on the journey towards being up on stage someday myself (or as near as I can), so forgive me if I’m passionate about what I saw last night.

  • This is the Tony’s, not a rock concert. As much as I LOVE my BAY AREA BRETHREN, I’d rather see the CAST sing. But I know this is a giant commercial for Broadway, so PLUG, GREEN DAY PLUG!
  • Kristin & Sean – great “F – You” to those who say acting isn’t good enough to overcome stereotypes in sexuality, and to asking those in the Republican closet to come out.
  • Scarlett Johansson – I love that you acknowledge the fact that you’ve been welcomed into the Theater community. Humble, classy.
  • Memphis – you guys are hot. Not sure where the story is…but you sounded good!
  • Eddie – leading with “the arts matter” is so important…thank you!
  • One thing each acceptance speech does to me – reaffirms that this is what I want to DO
  • Angela – thanks for the speech about learning the CRAFT and not wanting an “overnight” success. On my way there…
  • Catherine – you were MUCH better in context, after the scene, IN the moment, singing “Send in the Clowns.” I don’t envy singing such a song right out of the gate, in front of millions, and then getting flack for your performance. You were so much better in the midst of your character’s journey…more simple and straightforward…don’t try so hard! And the sound mix didn’t help your lower register.
  • Oh man, seeing an excerpt from Fela! makes me want to see it even more – and reminds me of my West African dance classes at UCLA, which were the most freeing, expressive, and non-judgmental classes I’ve ever taken.
  • Regional theaters are the actual bread and butter of most working theater actors out there – the percentage is staggering how many bills and health insurances are paid via regional theater.
  • Paula Abdul…why!?!?
  • Lea Michelle and Matthew Morrison – great job singing/dancing, BUT I wanted to see someone who is directly connected to this year’s Tony’s on stage in your place. I know, I know…Glee has audience and viewers, and you brought in people to watch the Tonys that wouldn’t have otherwise…
  • Bebe and Nathan – hilarious. Let’s find a better vehicle for you.
  • Oh good, they let the cast of American Idol sing!


Sierra Rein

“I don’t sing because I’m happy, I’m happy because I sing” – William James