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“Move Over” from “8-Track Throwback” with Marquee Five, Don’t Tell Mama, NYC

“Move Over” sung by Sierra Rein as part of Marquee Five’s show “8-Track Throwback”Don’t Tell Mama, NYC // October, 2010. Band members: Piano: Mark Janas, Guitar: John Benthal, Bass: Matt Scharfglass. Hailed as “a breath of fresh air in the cabaret world” ( with “superb blend in song” (, the group won the 2010 MAC Award for their debut show “We Can Make It: The Songs of Kander and Ebb” at the Metropolitan Room. They followed this in Fall, 2010 at Don’t Tell Mama with “8-Track Throwback,” a show Cabaret Scenes called “top-notch spectacular.” Now in the running forContinue reading“Move Over” from “8-Track Throwback” with Marquee Five, Don’t Tell Mama, NYC

Finally! A Spring Day!

While it was a bit chilly yesterday, the sun was out and I was too. I had three Manhattan meetings (two regarding jobs and one rehearsal). Inspired by this blog entry on, I decided to take the subway down to 23rd and 5th, but then walk between all my other appointments and then take the subway home. After my first appointment at 23rd and 5th, I walked up 5th 20 blocks to Bryant Park. I had plenty of time to stop by one of my old haunts, the Algonquin Hotel (during the times that The Salon was in theContinue readingFinally! A Spring Day!

Second week of Food, Music and Fun!

It’s been another week of Broadway and off-Broadway shows, singing, and rich, fattening food…does the term zaftig mean anything to you? When we last left off the previous adventures (Part 1 and Part 2 of the first week) with the in-laws Bill and Janet, it was Thursday April 14th. That evening, we went to a wonderful French restaurant called Chez Napoleon – it’s one of Bill’s favorite spots to eat, as it is and has been run by a French family (the Bruno Family) for years. Grand-mere still cooks for them – she was present that night – and nothing beats theContinue readingSecond week of Food, Music and Fun!

First week of Food, Music and Fun…Part 2!!!

As previously blogged, this past week has been a piling on of culture, food and family.  Here I continue the adventures of Week 1!!! Brunch at the Waldorf-Astoria, and I sit with Cole Porter The Salon and BMI Norma’s, Sardi’s and Anything Goes Bistecca Fiorentina and The Book of Mormon Sunday the 10th, after teaching drama in the morning, I brought my empty stomach to meet up with Bill & Janet & Pete – along with friends Bud and Judy – at the Waldorf-Astoria, a famous hotel with an equally infamous Sunday brunch.  We ate in the Peacock room, drankContinue readingFirst week of Food, Music and Fun…Part 2!!!

First week of Food, Music and Fun…Part 1!!!

Each year, my In-Laws (Pete’s father and stepmother, Janet) come to visit New York to take my husband and I on a whirlwind series of amazing meals and Broadway shows.  You see, my Father In-Law, Bill, is a huge lover of Theater and Musical Theater (he has more CD scores and playbills than I!), and always loves taking us out to shows.  This, in addition to events and cabaret shows and Salon and other things I have going on, makes this time of year full of music and theater and some fat/sugar overloads.  This entry will describe what I’ve beenContinue readingFirst week of Food, Music and Fun…Part 1!!!

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