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Last weeks – Do Not Eat Whilst Hungry!

I had a light load on Monday night (the 12th) for rehearsal, so in the afternoon myself and a few castmates went to the Steam Whistle Brewery for a tour and some beer! This relatively young pilsner-brewing company set up “shop” in an old historical train station depot, where engines were brought in for cleaning and maintenance. Three previously fired employees of a corporate takeover endeavor had a few beers over a campfire and decided to start their own brewing company. They started calling it “Three Fired Guys Brewery,” but later reflected upon the need for local Torontor-ian workers toContinue readingLast weeks – Do Not Eat Whilst Hungry!

Dreams With My Mother, ROM, and Joy from America

With my husband safe in New York again and the sugar taste of candycorn brushed off my teeth, I was again alone to continue rehearsals with Disney and spend more time enjoying Toronto. We did a few runs of “Villains Tonight” and went on to “Disney Dreams,” a lovely (and most popular amongst audiences) pastiche-style musical featuring vignettes of a number of Disney movies. I can’t give away too much of it, but in one sequence I play a Mom catching her young child reading under the covers late at night. Instantly, I was reminded of myself as a youngContinue readingDreams With My Mother, ROM, and Joy from America

Two Upcoming Marquee Five Performances – GO SEE!

Although I’ve been up in Toronto rehearsing with Disney, I left part of my heart with Marquee Five. My award-winning vocal group has plowed forward in my absence, adding female swing Lynsey Buckelew to keep the Alto line flowing, and the five of them are kicking butt in New York City this month! There are TWO opportunities to see Marquee Five in November, and I highly recommend you go see them, since the shows they are performing in are stellar entertainment events! First: "They Write The Songs" November 18th “MAC Presents They Write The Songs”: a night of music featuringContinue readingTwo Upcoming Marquee Five Performances – GO SEE!

A Week of Visits and Villanous Behavior

It has been quite a week – lots of joys, a lot of work, and a lot of heartbreak. My husband came to visit from New York, which was a great joy! During the days, I was heavily ensconced in rehearsals for “Villains Tonight,” which is probably my favorite of all the shows since it’s a huge number of Disney villains rolled into one…and I get to be the one with two arms and six legs. I can’t wait to play with that costume when I get on the ship. We did a few runs of “Villains” yesterday for theContinue readingA Week of Visits and Villanous Behavior

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