An invitation: Sierra’s Going Away to the Mickey Boat & Salon Open Mic

Friends! I’m being taken away from New York City by Mr. Mouse again, and I’d love to see many of you before I do! Thus, I will hang out at etcetera etcetera restaurant on West 44th Street (Between 8th and 9th) for drinks at the bar, and would love for you to stop by, starting at 4pm. Then, at 6:15pm if you want to accompany me I will go to Mark Janas’ The Salon Open Mic (7pm-10:30pm), which is $10 cash at the door and a $15 food/drink minimum (BUT any drink imbibed earlier will apply to your Salon minimum!). Richard Skipper will be co-hosting and the theme is the very positive “Reaching Goals – From Resolution To Reality.” Bring your sheet music or taste for the martini, and hope to see you either before and/or during the show!

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